Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 37

Hello all , this week was a week of miracles. First off we got a referral from a recent convert and before finishing the first lesson with her, she just blurted out" I'm actually thinking about getting baptized." So now we have a date for Tamara for Dec 10. She has been going to church quite often and learning from the recent convert and her husband, Tammy and Julian. Julian is a returned missionary and has been teaching Tamara many of the lessons. She also said that when she comes to church, she feels peace. That is the Holy Ghost working in the life Tamara. 

There are people out there ready and searching for answers that the Gospel can give! Many of those people are YOUR friends! Members have to responsibility to find people for the missionaries to teach and missionaries are responsible to teach them. We have been working with members and gaining their trust and helping them in their missionary work. I invite all of you to read The Power of Everyday Missionaries. This book will inspire you just like it did me. 
We also bumped into some people this week that were actually interested in learning about the Book of Mormon. Torri is a single mother with a 14 year old daughter and she said she is looking for a congregation to go to. We invited her to come to church but she couldn't make it. Hopefully she comes next week. Graham is a Pentecostal, don't know much about him but we will follow up this Saturday.
Love you all
Elder Westbrook
Pics from Zone Conference 

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