Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 25

Dear All:
I think this week is week 25, I may have miscounted the weeks. 

Transfers are coming up soon. I hope I will be able to stay, I am just starting to like the ward, but I'll go where the Lord needs me. I may be going to the Gold Coast if I get transferred. Even though Gold Coast is the Celestial Kingdom, there isn't much Chinese people there. I hope I can be effective anywhere I serve.

Love you all,
Elder Westbrook

 a little video I made​


Hello all!

Today was temple day so we didn't get a Pday on Monday. 

The baptism on Saturday was so great. There were a total of 3 people baptized this week. Our district leaders companionship baptized a lady named Serena and her mother. It was a miracle how they met. Elder Jackson ( our district leader) bumped into Serena after a lesson and taught her the Restoration right afterward. Then Serena's mom (Cai) started meeting with them too. Elder Jackson told me that they had only known Cai for 17 days before she was baptized. It is such a miracle to see all three of these people get baptized. 

I spoke again during the service. Luckily I didn't forget my talk this time. Since there were Aussie and Chinese people, I had to translate each of my sentences into Chinese and English. It wasn't that bad though. 

The hard part was when I had to translate for our mission president and two other bishops. Funny thing happened. I translated a sentence for President that I wasn't sure of, and I don't know why, but I look to President and say" Is that right?" The whole congregation starts laughing. It's ok though, it will be a memorable baptism.

We met a lady named Jayace (pronounced Jace). She is a biology student at QUT. She has a really interesting personality and she's super funny. After she said her prayer, I said "that was really good!" but she just replied" you have really low standards!" She has lots of questions of what we believe and told us she is looking at a website that has all of the answers to her questions. Now I'm starting to worry...

We met Mathew that same week. He is super genuine. He is an embryologist and grew up going to Catholic school. He was kind of blown away at the first vision, but he committed to read the Book of Mormon. 

I hope that's long enough for you mom.

Love Elder Westbrook

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week -23

Hello! I will keep it short since I don't have much time. We had some miracles this week! 

First, our investigator Quintas is getting baptized this Saturday! He has been meeting with missionaries for about 6 months now. He couldn't get baptized because of some personal issues, but he never stopped coming to church. My trainer actually taught him. After some coordinating with the Mission President, he got cleared for baptism! Since he has gone through all the lessons, we just reviewed all the lessons with him these past few weeks. It is great to see him finally getting baptized after 4 previous baptism dates!

Second, we spoke during sacrament this Sunday and we were preparing our talks before we left our flat. When we got to the church I realized that I forgot my talk at home! So after Coordination meeting, we went outside to head to our flat, and sitting outside was our investigator Rhylee who showed up unexpectedly and was waiting to decide whether to come in! It was great having her at church after many weeks. If I hadn't forgot my talk, then we wouldn't have gone outside, and invite Rhylee to come in. 

Third, we met Grace a while back. She is the Muslim Chinese lady that I mentioned in another email. She hadn't responded to our texts for weeks, then suddenly, she texted us on Saturday night and wanted to come to church! She has so many genuine questions, and the members are really doing a good job in fellow shipping her. 

Those are the highlights this week! These small miracles make the hard work worth it!

Love Elder Westbrook ​



Week -22

Hello All!

This week we were able to find a Taiwanese named Charlie. He is interested in learning about the Gospel and set a return appointment with us! Woohoo! It's been weeks since we've had a return appointment. Hopefully it is a solid one. 

This week has been non stop finding! It really gets old after while of doing the same things over and over. I've been trying to mix things up a little when I talk to people. It really is fun to try different ways of approaching people. I realized that that is one of the things I've been missing is just enjoying missionary work. It's really embarrassing when you talk to the same person twice and you don't remember them. 

My companion is weird and funny haha. He likes to make cooking videos and send them home. Just the things he does makes me laugh because he is really clumsy. 

We have been doing lots of smart finding as well. All we do is go through the area book and call up former investigators and try to meet with them. I call it lazy finding, because we do it when we don't want to find outside. 

That's all I can remember for now. All the days seem to blend into one when you find 24/7. Hope all is well at home. Till next week!

​​​​​​​​Love Elder Westbrook

Week- 21

Hello all!

Not bad this week! We have done tons of finding. We have been blessed with so many potential investigators, but not successful so far in new investigators. We have taught many first lessons, but no one seems to want to meet again. This week has been a week of seed planting, and hopefully soon we will be able to reap what we have sown! No effort is wasted when it comes to missionary work.

So as I have mentioned before, we belong to an English speaking YSA Ward while in the Chinese Program. Our ward has finally developed a Ward Mission Plan. It's so great to see the ward getting together to help in our missionary efforts. After all baptism rates are higher when they are member referrals. Since we will be working more with the members, we will have to start teaching English speaking people. I'm a little bummed out, but excited to finally work together with the ward and help them with their member missionary work. I know it will be hard, but the Lord is on our side. I know as missionaries and members work together in helping others come unto Christ, they will have so much joy even if they bring just one soul unto Him.

Miracles are awaiting, I know they will be happening soon! We just have to have the faith to act, then the Lord will bless us with mighty miracles!

I have been informed that my emails are too short, so I will try to make them longer!

Love Elder Westbrook