Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 20

Hello all

This week we set 2 baptism dates with Rhylee and Quintas. Quintas is from china and has been investigating the church for a while. He feels he is ready to be baptized. Since he has had all the lessons, we will be reviewing them with him since it has been a few months the last time we met. 

Rhylee is an Aussie. We found her at the park by the city. She is the only non Christian in her family and feels she needs religion in her life. She also excepted the invitation to be baptized. 

So far we haven't been able to meet with any of our other investigators, so we have been doing lots of finding in the city.  We are slowly building our teaching pool thanks to the Lord!

See you all next week.

Elder Westbrook.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 19

Today was temple Pday, so we don't get to email till today. Last week was an all-GQ week. We had about 3 lessons that cancelled on us so we had 0 lessons to report. This week really is a miracle. 

Since we started fresh this last week, we had 0 investigators till a lady named Grace approached me. She is from China and loves her family(which is quite rare for Chinese people to talk about their family so much). Apparently her family is Muslim, at least her mom is...pretty soon we will be teaching a unicorn. The first time we met, all she talked about was how much she loves her family and how she really wants them to be united, since her parents aren't getting along very well. This is who we have been praying for! I feel she has been prepared to learn about the Gospel and bless her family. 

We met a guy named Ryosuke from Japan. He is interested to learn about the gospel, and came to church. We taught him the Restoration and took it very well. We also met with Sarah, and taught her the Restoration. I know she really felt the spirit during that, as I did.

I am really grateful for this past week. Our new mission president is also amazing! The first time we met at Golden Orientation, he gave a really inspirational training. We are so blessed to have President McSwain here in the ABM!

Till next week!

Love Elder Westbrook!

New Mission President

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 18

Dear Everyone
I have to be honest, this week hasn't been the greatest week. Our teaching pool got a little smaller as we had to drop some investigators because they were not progressing. We taught a number of first lessons this week, but none of those people wanted to meet again or were interested in learning more.
On the bright side, we get to find new people! We've been working hard to talk with people and not to people. We have met some crazy Aussies along the way, but it's all apart of the journey. We met a lady in the park in Brisbane and to our surprise she accepted our invitation and came to church! Hopefully she agrees to meet us this week and learn more.
We also met a guy named Simon. He just moved to Brisbane, and has nothing but probably his car. We taught him the Restoration and he really wants to learn more. The sad thing is, he has no phone that we can contact him with, so we are waiting for another miracle that we will find him again.
Elder Morris is my trainees name. He is still very golden and has a lot to learn. I've been trying to be the best example I can to him. He's a great Elder and is very eager to learn!
Our goal as a companionship is to get to know all the members in the ward. It is a long process, but it is great to be able to involve them in missionary work during splits. The members in the ward are really great. They are all really friendly and out going. 

The Mission life is great!
Love all of you!
Elder Westbrook

Week 17

Sorry time is short, here are some pictures you can look at until next week.
Love you all!
Elder Westbrook