Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 30


We have a new investigator this week named John. He is a refferal from the sisters. He is Chinese and learning English. We are mainly helping him with his language test for this Saturday and teaching the Gospel in the end of our meeting. He says he feels peace when he prays so we hope he can progress.

Ryosuke has been doing well with commandments. We are helping him quit smoking. He is still waiting for his answer. He has committed to go from 20 sticks to 9 sticks a day. We have asked him to ask his girlfriend if she would like to learn about the gospel. We don't want Ryosuke to be the only one living the gospel if he is in a relationship. 

One of our members randomly asked if we are teaching a guy named Conor. We said we used to. Conor is an Aussie that we dropped because he wouldn't answer our calls our texts. He had a date and everything and was excited to be baptized. We don't know why he stopped answering us. But anyway, the member said he met Conor at a party and started talking and learned that he used to meet with us. So now we have contact with Conor again. Our prayers have been answered, and hopefully this is the right time for Conor to except the Gospel.

Sorry if I have any grammar mistakes, trying to hurry through emailing.

All is well, all is well!

Elder Westbrook

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