Tuesday, March 6, 2018



It's my last 4 days on the mission! I've learned heaps as a missionary. It has helped me know how to serve others and look out for others. My testimony of the gospel has grown so much. 

I will certainly miss the people here. I have served in the Sunnybank branch a total of 9 months in my two years of serving, but excited to start a new life back home!

I will be speaking at the Lakeview 5th ward at 11:00 am 400 west 1800 S Orem Utah on March 18.

Love Elder Westbrook

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


We had a cool miracle yesterday. Elder Morris met a guy name Mehrdad on the street, he wanted to know how he can be Christian. When we met up with him, we asked him a few questions to get to know him. He wants to find peace in his life, that's all he wants. We shared with him some scriptures in the Book of Mormon that brought us peace, and showed how it can bring peace to him. As we were reading, he looked down a few verses and saw the word commandments. Elder Morris and I were a little hesitant to share the commandments in the first lesson. So we kind of just brushed it off and mention the 10 commandments and things like that. We said that it would take more than one visit to explain everything, then he suggested that we get coffee another time. Elder Morris and I looked at each other and said" ....we don't drink coffee..." Then he said" Ok, let's get some tea." Then we were like " we don't drink tea either...." "What about a beer" " don't drink beer as well"
We hesitated a little and grabbed a Word of Wisdom pamphlet, and taught the Word of Wisdom and he committed to follow them. We were surprised. Then he asked about relationships like living with a partner. Then we had to grab the Law of Chastity pamphlet. He said that his girlfriend was out of town, so that wasn't a problem for him. It was the first time that Elder Morris and I had ever taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity in the first lesson. So we gave him a date for the 11th of March, just goal, because he want's to get baptized as soon as he can. We will make sure he's ready though, before he get's baptized.

Love Elder Westbrook

Our Chinese New year activity



We had a really slow week this week, all our investigators returned home for Chinese New Year. Everyone was just busy as well. We didn't get to meet many of our investigators, but there are new people coming in from China so that's awesome. 

Things are slow but they are getting better!

Love Elder Westbrook

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 101

Hey all!

Not much time again!

We met a former investigator that I taught two years ago, he is still keen to meet, pretty cool how we found him! No time today, sorry!

Love Elder Westbrook

We went to a buddhist temple last pday.

Week 100

It's been a pretty good week. Just busy today so not much time. Here are some pictures.

Elder Westbrook

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 99

Hey mates

We have been finding heaps this week. We contacted some old investigators that were too busy, and they said they would be free soon so we're happy with that. 

Not much to report on.

Love Elder Westbrook


Hello mates

Not bad this week, we met some more people that are willing to hear the gospel. We received a phone call and this lady (Grace) wanted to meet with us and learn about the gospel. She's from Taiwan and came here for holidays. She asked a lot of questions when we taught about prayer. One of them was " Can I complain to God?" She prayed that night and she said she felt really good. She still has a hard time with reading the Book of Mormon as most Chinese people do because of the grammar. But she continues to read which is great. 

Something that we have been seeing the past few months was that all our investigators are busy. Literally all our investigators are too busy to meet. Many of them are struggling with that. They all have a sincere desire to learn, but we can never meet with them. It's a little frustrating.

Love Elder Westbrook