Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 33

Exciting news! I got transferred to the English program!! I will no longer be speaking Chinese. Sad day, but I know the Lord has other plans for me. My new companion is Elder Ho, from Hawaii. He just finished his training so we will have a blast together! I will be serving in the Capalaba area. So excited for some new experiences and new challenges. Looks like we will be having many more dinner appointments than in the Chinese program so that's exciting as well.
This week has pretty great. We found a new investigator named Larry from Papa New Guinea. He took everything well and accepted to be baptized. We have yet to give him a date but he seems to be pretty solid. My two old companions will be companions now. Elder Li and Liao will be together. They will have some tough challenges as both of their English skills aren't very good. Hopefully they will be able to teach our investigators well. 
Ryosuke now has a job. He has been super busy and unable to meet with us. I hope that he can receive a spiritual witness soon. God has answered his prayer by blessing him with a new job. He didn't immediately recognize that as an answer, we had to help him realize it. 
Other than that not much has happened. I have renewed energy to serve in this area and hope I can be an instrument in the Lords hands.

Love Elder Westbrook

Sorry no pictures this week, or for the next 6 weeks, for the computers' USB ports are disabled by the library.

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