Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 28


We spent most our time on bikes this week. I got really tired of GQing in the city everyday for 3 transfers so I figured we should go GQ on our bikes, it has been pretty effective so far. This last week we probably spent 20-30 hours on our bikes riding and GQing. We have some lessons set up for this week from bike GQing. It is actually really fun riding around town. We get to explore the area more; something new everyday. 

This week is also exams week so most of our lessons were cancelled. Many of our investigators are students right now and have "busy" schedules.

Ryosuke has been reading the Book of Mormon pretty frequently now, and says really good prayers. We identified that he needs to know what the spirit feels like. He has been looking at these things very temporally instead of spiritually. We will help him this week with that.

I got to drive a car in Australia for the first time; it's super awkward when everything is backwards.

Other than that, nothing really exciting happened

Elder Westbrook

Story Bridge and some fun with the camera​

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