Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 36

Hello all!
We just had Stake Conference this last Sunday. It was great! Elder Fatta from the 70 came and spoke to us. Since the missionary work here in Australia is slow, his talk mostly consisted of members doing missionary work. I was really glad that he spoke to the whole Stake about it because Elder Ho and I have been finding ways that we can strengthen the ward. 
Door knocking in Australia is probably the most ineffective way to find people. Almost all of the doors we knock on have do not knock signs. Although they are geared more towards sales people, Aussies don't like their door knocked at all. Most people don't even wait to hear our message they just say "not interested". When they do listen, the response is either "I have my own church" or " I'm happy where I'm at". 
I recently read a book called The Power of Everyday Missionaries. It is an inspiring book. I would assume that many members would want to do missionary work, but either don't know how or are intimidated by it. After reading the book, we now have some ideas about what we will be doing with the members to help with their missionary work. 
Many members are scared that they might offend their friend or damage their relationship. This book mentions that when you invite them in a loving and caring manner, your relationship actually builds because they see that you care for their well being. And when your non-member friends decide to listen to the missionaries but don't accept the message, again, your relationship with your friend usually is strengthened. Elder Ho and I will start working with the leadership of the ward and find ways we can get some baptisms!
Love Elder Westbrook

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