Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 26

Hello all, 

Not much happened this week, haven't had lots of success finding. We figured we would try door knocking since GQing is probably isn't going to be any more effective. We knocked on this lady's door.. She had a "no salesman. Do not knock" sticker. We figured 1) we weren't salesman, we were missionaries, 2) we were going to use the doorbell instead. Here's basically how it went:
"Can't you read the sign?!! It says no salesman!"
"Oh sorry.. we're not salesman we are missionaries."
"You ARE salesman, you're selling me religion!! Your wasting my time! I put that sign on my door for a reason!  Where are you from?"\
"The United States...?"
"I know, I can tell by your accent, but where are you from? What group?"
"We're from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints."
"Alright, now I know who to complain to... I have your names already! Don't even bother telling me to have a good day cause you've already ruined it!"
" K Bye"
So after that my companion and I were just laughing our heads off because she was going to complain to our church. Made me wonder if our church headquarters has a customer service haha.

We have been teaching a guy named Conor. He is 18 and is a competitive javelin thrower. His family is devout Christian but don't belong to a denomination. I contacted him about 2 transfers ago but he was on his way to Germany for a competition, so we didn't get to teach him until this week. When we invited him to be baptized, he said he already believes everything that we taught. So we set a date with him for the first of October! We will be teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ today. 

Love Elder Westbrook

Sisters napping in the office, a Lambo, trade-offs with zone leader, coocoobera bird(don't know how they spell it)

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