Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 45

Hello all!

Looks like this week is full of surprises, I got a call from president that I'll be zone leader, and then my niece decided she wants to come out! Her name is Kimi. 

I was really sad that I will be moving out of Capalaba Ward. I tried to visit all the members before I left but didn't get to all of them in time. Luckily I get to send pictures now in the new area. 

We found Anne a while back and finally taught her on Friday. She has been meeting with the JW's. She said that she prayed to God with questions, and then 2 days later, JW's knock on her door. So I guess she took that as an answer. She hasn't joined their church yet, so she still has hope haha. She is always willing to listen to others. All she needs now is a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

As we were saying good bye to some of our investigators, Morgan, the non married one, told us that he actually really wants to be baptized, but his wife isn't really keen, even though she is a less active. So we will have bishop talk with them. We have 5 baptism dates in Capalaba, they are not too solid, but at least they have begun reading the Book of Mormon, so they should start progressing soon.

Well, there will be much to learn a zone leader and much growing to do, that will be exciting!

See you all next week.

Love Elder Westbrook

Week 44

Hello all
Tamara's baptism was great. Lots of people came and there was a lot of support. I spoke on baptism. On Sunday, she went to the YSA classes which is good that she has friends in that class. We can let her on her own now.
We have been teaching three families, which is a huge miracle. Steph and Delane Nathan, Phili and Nikki Brown, and Morgan and Ash. None of them are progressing because they haven't been reading the Book of Mormon. So we have been looking for scriptures to help them have a desire to read the Book of Mormon. If any of you have any suggestions for us, that'd be great. We did a lot of door knocking with not much success. No new investigators this week. 
We did Liliane Nicol's lawn. She is a Less Active in a Wheel chair and her lawn hasn't been done in weeks. She is from Tahiti so she gets along well with my companion. 
I will send pictures of the baptism once I get them.
Love Elder Westbrook

Week 43

Happy New Year! 
Tamara will be getting baptized this Saturday. She is amazing, I have realized that as missionaries, we don't actually do the converting, our investigators convert themselves. All we do is speak statements of truth and have the spirit testify to them. We invite them to act, but they become converted as they act on our invitations. Tamara is one of those people who converted herself. We did our job of teaching, but she did the actual converting, if that makes sense...  
It was a great week! We found some potential investigators after some fasting. I know the Lord answers our prayers! We met Tony, he has been looking for more in life, so he came to church with us. He has some of his own ideas so we will have to help him with that. Other than that not much has happened, just super super hot and humid.

Love Elder Westbrook

Week 41

Merry Christmas!
Very different here with Christmas in the summer. Definitely not a white Christmas. We had a Tri-ward Christmas Party on Saturday. It was a great success. Many non-members and Less-actives came. We ran the popcorn machine. I felt bad for Santa, because he had to dress up in this hot weather.
We found two new families to teach which is amazing. One was a former investigator and one was a referral. We haven't really taught them much since Christmas is coming up. It's a little frustrating. 
Anyway gotta go.

Merry Christmas

Elder Westbrook