Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 62

Hello, the first two weeks were great. We got to meet a lot of our investigators. There are a lot of people that have potential in this area. 

We met with a couple named Brandon and Zoe. Zoe was baptized a while back but Brandon is an investigator. Brandon is probably the best investigator I've had. He has had all the lessons from the missionaries but doesn't want to be baptized just yet. He feel he doesn't quite know much about the Book of Mormon yet. Instead of us begging him to read the Book of Mormon, he asked us what he can do to know more about the Book of Mormon. He's super interested to learn about the gospel. He even has preach my gospel and is reading chapter 3 on his own. We are not sure how his progress will go, he will either progress really slow or really fast we feel. 

Sheila is an investigator that were taught by the previous missionaries. After a priesthood blessing, she quit cigarettes cold turkey. She pretty amazing. The only obstacle for her now is coffee. She has really bad withdraws and gets head aches. We are still helping her overcome that right now until she can get baptized.

So we were driving down the free way, and we were going the speed limit. All of a sudden, I hear honking, I didn't know where it came from. Then I heard it again, I look in the rear view mirror and there is a truck tailing us and honking at us. Then he past us and gave us a dirty look. Aussies are pretty funny.

Then, couple days later, we were stuck in traffic, going pretty slow, but not stopped completely. We hear a loud deep honk from behind us. A big semi truck was tailing us now and steps on the gas and passes us. Aussies are funny people.

Love Elder Westbrook

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