Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week 61

Hello all
This week was great. 
We had a coordination meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader. It was really great to see that the bishop and the ward want to work with us and help others come into the gospel. 
We got to share the Restoration on Sunday with the YSA. One of our investigators, Kalen, is progressing really well. He has read to Alma in the Book of Mormon. He came to the YSA fast breaker last night and we taught about Joseph Smith and how the gospel had blessed the lives of many. He is starting to have a different countenance about him, you could say he is starting to "glow". Don't know if it's just me, but he does seem a lot happier the last time I saw him. That's what the gospel does to you when you live it. So that's great. He's doing awesome. 
One funny story. Right before we were going to the fast breaker, we shared a quick message with a family about Lehi's dream. Their son was trying to remember what the fruit represented, he said" doesn't it represent... the flesh of God"? All of us just burst out laughing. He meant to say the fruit represented the love of God. 
That's all folks
Love Elder Westbrook

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