Monday, April 3, 2017


Hello people

Pretty good week this week. Lots has happened. 

To start off, we have a baptism date now. We found Robert a while back and followed up with him recently. We found out that he met with missionaries before and was on track to be baptized. But because of Word of Wisdom issues and him moving, he didn't get baptized. We set him on date for the 29th of April and we are working with him to over come his issues. 
We had a few fun experiences this week as well. This past Thursday, There was a category 4 cyclone just to the north of us. We got hit with the tail end of the cyclone. Many areas were flooded. Thankfully no one in our ward was hit too bad. We were having Missionary Leadership Council at the church by the Temple. Just as we were starting with opening prayer and spiritual thought, President announced that MLC will be cut short due to the cyclone. We had to call the whole mission and tell them to stay home for the whole day. The whole city of Brisbane was shut down and everyone was sent home from work. Honestly the storm wasn't bad where we were, it just rained all day, so we got permission from the Assistants to go out and work. 

The above story leads into the next part of the week. Since it was April Fool's on Saturday, we just HAD to pull a prank on the zone. So since the whole mission stayed home and did pretty much nothing, we sent a text out to the whole Zone, telling them that Pday will be shortened to 2 hours because we all stayed home on Thursday. By the end of the evening, we wished the whole Zone a happy April Fool's and enjoy their very very normal Pday. The Zone was not very happy about that, but we had a good time pranking them.

Then, on this fast Sunday, since none of the young men had shown up, Elder F and I decided to prepare for the Sacrament. The bread was set on the Sacrament table, and we covered up the Sacrament. During the Sacrament hymn, two very confused Priests uncovered the cloth only to discover that there was no bread on the trays. Now the confusion turned into panic. The First counselor got up and looked all over the place. Thankfully, the Sacrament bread was found and we were able to partake of the Sacrament. 

Turns out Bishop's son with down syndrome stole the Sacrament bread and hid it under one of the pews. The first counselor under Heavenly inspiration knew where to look and found the bread. Bishop apologized to everyone at the end of testimony meeting and we all had a good laugh.
So it was a pretty fun week this week.

Love Elder Westbrook

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