Sunday, April 2, 2017


Hello All!'

A lot has happened this past week. Elder F and I got things done. We changed our focus from tracting to visiting part member families and less actives. It has turned to be really successful. If the family isn't home, we do 2 2 4. We knock 2 doors on the right and left and 4 doors across the street. We have found many potentials doing that. Door knocking is probably the least effective way of doing missionary work, especially in Queensland. There are less actives and part member families that are prepared to receive the message. 

Vincent Matiu, a non member father, came to church this week. His family are all members but him. The week before, he was saying how going to church was a big step for him. Two weeks later, he shows up to church. It was fast Sunday and the spirit was strong and after church he told us that he felt something while at church. He now has a desire to progress in the gospel and attend church regularly. We are so excited for him! 

We have a number of other less actives and part members to visit this week. Elder F and I are excited for this coming transfer.

Love Elder Westbrook

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