Monday, April 3, 2017


Hello all.

This week was pretty great. We did a sports night this past Friday as a finding opportunity. 28 people came and 8 of them were non members. That was only the first time we did it, so we hope there will be more people this coming Friday. 

We had an interesting experience yesterSunday. We were street contacting to catch up on our contacts for the week. This was about 8 in the evening. We see one of our Ward members just walking and pacing back and forth. When she walked by us we said hello but she didn't seem to recognize us. So we thought that was a bit odd. We followed her a bit and asked her a few questions. She gave us some really odd answers. We thought she was sleep walking or something. She actually drove her car from her house all the way to the local library where we were contacting. She didn't know what was going on whole time. We called Bishop, but he said as far as he knew she was mentally stable. After making a few calls we had to call the ambulance to pick her up. It was my first time calling an ambulance ever. Glad that she drove around and got to see us so we can help her get to the hospital safely.

Another interesting less active family in our ward. The father comes to our church and his wife who is also a member(Both endowed and sealed) goes to another Pentecostal church. Since they have an 11 year old that isn't baptized, we wanted to work with the parents to get him baptized. But what is interesting is she texted us that she will be having him baptized in "her" church. Her 17 year old son was just ordained a priest, so we asked her if she knew that her son had the priesthood to baptize his younger brother. She hasn't replied, but we will use that to convince her to have her son baptize her other son.

​​things are happening in Manly...

Love Elder Westbrook

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