Sunday, April 2, 2017


Hello All! 
It's been pretty busy lately! Not much time on our hands. We have seen our zone as a whole improve in the work. The past two transfers, we have averaged about 2-3 new investigators per week for the zone, now in the past 2 weeks we have been getting 17-18 new investigators a week in the zone! now that we have the people to teach, we are working with the members to get them involved in the work as well. We will be having sports night every Friday so the members can bring their non member friends and our investigators can meet the members as well.
We found my companions cousin just street contacting, you know Polynesians, their all related... His name is Ta'a. He went to our church back in Tonga and loved it so he will be coming in the coming weeks. We were glad to see a whole less active family at church this week. One of the sons, Daniel, started going to seminary after we stopped by the family's house and a young women that goes to seminary invited him to come. He is the key to his whole family becoming active again.

What's funny is that the girl that invited Daniel, Skyla, isn't even a member. Her whole family is baptized except for her. We have tried talking to the parents about getting her baptized, but they feel she isn't ready. She is already doing more than a regular member would do.

Most our investigators are in part member family's. We average about 5 non members at sacrament a week, and some that go to church have been going for 2 or even 20 years. We are working with the Matiu family. The dad is a non member. He has been coming to church with his family but doesn't want to get baptized because he "wants to have a little more fun". He said he won't get baptized until December until he gets a "knock on the head". So we are taking our hammers with us in our next lesson and "knock him in the head". 
It is a challenge in the Manly Ward working with the part member families, but we are praying hard for them!

Love Elder Westbrook

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