Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week -23

Hello! I will keep it short since I don't have much time. We had some miracles this week! 

First, our investigator Quintas is getting baptized this Saturday! He has been meeting with missionaries for about 6 months now. He couldn't get baptized because of some personal issues, but he never stopped coming to church. My trainer actually taught him. After some coordinating with the Mission President, he got cleared for baptism! Since he has gone through all the lessons, we just reviewed all the lessons with him these past few weeks. It is great to see him finally getting baptized after 4 previous baptism dates!

Second, we spoke during sacrament this Sunday and we were preparing our talks before we left our flat. When we got to the church I realized that I forgot my talk at home! So after Coordination meeting, we went outside to head to our flat, and sitting outside was our investigator Rhylee who showed up unexpectedly and was waiting to decide whether to come in! It was great having her at church after many weeks. If I hadn't forgot my talk, then we wouldn't have gone outside, and invite Rhylee to come in. 

Third, we met Grace a while back. She is the Muslim Chinese lady that I mentioned in another email. She hadn't responded to our texts for weeks, then suddenly, she texted us on Saturday night and wanted to come to church! She has so many genuine questions, and the members are really doing a good job in fellow shipping her. 

Those are the highlights this week! These small miracles make the hard work worth it!

Love Elder Westbrook ​



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  1. Elder Westbrook! It was great to read this! What neat experiences you have to share. Thank you! Your love for others is so clear to see. Have a wonderful week, we are praying for you and the people you work with. Sister Hall