Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 44

Hello all
Tamara's baptism was great. Lots of people came and there was a lot of support. I spoke on baptism. On Sunday, she went to the YSA classes which is good that she has friends in that class. We can let her on her own now.
We have been teaching three families, which is a huge miracle. Steph and Delane Nathan, Phili and Nikki Brown, and Morgan and Ash. None of them are progressing because they haven't been reading the Book of Mormon. So we have been looking for scriptures to help them have a desire to read the Book of Mormon. If any of you have any suggestions for us, that'd be great. We did a lot of door knocking with not much success. No new investigators this week. 
We did Liliane Nicol's lawn. She is a Less Active in a Wheel chair and her lawn hasn't been done in weeks. She is from Tahiti so she gets along well with my companion. 
I will send pictures of the baptism once I get them.
Love Elder Westbrook

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