Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 43

Happy New Year! 
Tamara will be getting baptized this Saturday. She is amazing, I have realized that as missionaries, we don't actually do the converting, our investigators convert themselves. All we do is speak statements of truth and have the spirit testify to them. We invite them to act, but they become converted as they act on our invitations. Tamara is one of those people who converted herself. We did our job of teaching, but she did the actual converting, if that makes sense...  
It was a great week! We found some potential investigators after some fasting. I know the Lord answers our prayers! We met Tony, he has been looking for more in life, so he came to church with us. He has some of his own ideas so we will have to help him with that. Other than that not much has happened, just super super hot and humid.

Love Elder Westbrook

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