Saturday, June 11, 2016


Hello all
We just got back from a session at the temple. It was great!
Not much happened this week. All of our investigators are doing final exams in college right now so we haven't been able to meet with them for a while. We have been finding a lot this week. We found a Japanese guy named Taku that speaks Chinese and English! He learned Chinese in Taiwan and is learning English right now. He is on a working holiday visa (like most of the Asian foreigners in Australia). The period of the visa is one year, but you can extend it to two years if you work in the farms. We have mainly taught him English the past week, and shared a church related message at the end. He wants to come to church next week so we will wait and see what happens.
There are 3 areas for the Chinese missionaries in the ABM. The city, Sunny Bank, and Gold Coast. The missionaries call the city the Telestial Kingdom, Sunny Bank the Terrestrial Kingdom, and Gold Coast the Celestial Kingdom. Basically how hard the area is. The city is hard because there aren't very many people who want to listen. We are in an English speaking YSA Ward. We are supposed to bring non-English speaking Chinese people to church which is hard because of the separation caused by the language barrier. We can't find many members to fellowship because they are all Aussie. I am just patiently waiting until we find someone that has been prepared by the Lord! I know everything will work out!
Hope all is well with you!

Elder Westbrook

Some pictures...
1202: The guy in there looks like David Stevens.

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