Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 20

Hello all

This week we set 2 baptism dates with Rhylee and Quintas. Quintas is from china and has been investigating the church for a while. He feels he is ready to be baptized. Since he has had all the lessons, we will be reviewing them with him since it has been a few months the last time we met. 

Rhylee is an Aussie. We found her at the park by the city. She is the only non Christian in her family and feels she needs religion in her life. She also excepted the invitation to be baptized. 

So far we haven't been able to meet with any of our other investigators, so we have been doing lots of finding in the city.  We are slowly building our teaching pool thanks to the Lord!

See you all next week.

Elder Westbrook.

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