Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 4

Hello Everyone!

I got two new companions this week, Elder Fackrell and Elder Liao; they are both great Elders I am learning lots and meeting a lot of great people GQing. We haven't had many lessons this week. We are starting to work mainly with the members. I feel the bus stop isn't as effective as other things we can try. Our companionship has been trying new things. We are going to door-knock more often and go to another bus stop. 

This past district meeting, we discussed ways for members to do missionary work - the easy way.
Here's a brief explanation. Every member can apply this to their lives

     1. Live the Gospel. 
Living the Gospel is the base. If you aren't living the gospel, then you won't be an effective missionary. You will need to live the gospel to set an example to others.

     2. Open the door 
You open the door when you put yourself in situations where people can ask you about why you are the way you are. Simple example: You can ask people what they are doing this weekend, when they return the question, you can tell them you are going to sacrament meeting. They ask you what that is, you tell them, and then you invite them. The door is now open. Whether they walk through it is up to them. 

     3. Pray to Heavenly Father to send people through the door.
As you live the gospel, you will have a desire to share this with others. Pray to Heavenly Father to put you in situations like these. I know he will answer your prayers if you have a desire and real intent.

Sorry this email is so short, but I hope all of you can learn from these 3 steps. We will be teaching these to members this week and I hope we can make a difference in other peoples lives!

Love Elder Westbrook

PS: Library closed for Easter so can't send out email on Pday

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