Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 3

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Hello Everyone!

This week was awesome! We had some lessons but we mostly went GQing. We found two Aussies to teach but will soon refer them to the English speaking missionaries. 

Humphrey, our investigator got baptized this Saturday. He is a solid guy, and has a strong testimony of the gospel. A speaker taught us that baptism is just the beginning of our eternal journey. I never really thought about baptism that way before; It is so true though. We are excited to teach him about the priesthood. Since we are so low on priesthood holders, we need more faithful members to run the branch instead of the missionaries. We are also excited that he can help us with member-present lessons. It really does make a difference to the investigator to know that he has friends aside from the missionaries.

We have a lot to do in our branch. Mainly to strengthen the members. Many of them get baptized then become less-active after they come back from China. We are figuring out ways to strengthen their faith while they are in China. We have come up with many ideas, but still have yet to test them out. One member, Amy, is a good example. She went back to China, but she just read the Book of Mormon and prayed each day, and came back with a stronger testimony. It is such a simple thing to do, but we just need to help the members understand how important it is in maintaining their faith. Our second counselor, Diego, is a solid member. He is really busy during the week, but always offers to help us. I can tell he has a true desire to help the people of the SunnyBank Branch.

We were blessed so much this week. We have been praying for more family investigators to strengthen our branch. Then we get 2 referrals for families that are really interested in our church. One of them is the Wu family and the other Xiao. Both of them have kids about 1-2 in age like Diego. We are really excited for Diego to fellowship them. Brother Xiao's name is Xiao Liang. His wife and his kid is in Africa and has been apart from them for three weeks. In our lesson tonight, we are going to use that to compare him with Heavenly Father and how He loves us and wants us to talk to him. It will be a great lesson!

See you all next week!

Elder Westbrook

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