Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 2

Hey everyone!

The plane ride here wasn't that bad, I just slept a ton. I was relieved when I found another Elder(Elder Smoot) at the airport that was boarding my same flight, or else I would have been traveling alone. He had a temporary transfer in Mesa, Arizona while waiting for his visa. I could tell he is a hard worker and will be a great missionary. 

Right as I got off the plane, we went GQing at the bus stop. GQ stands for Golden Question. Our mission president explained to me that you have to use the hints that people on the street give you to ask the "Golden Question". We have to be guided by the spirit to know what that might be. It is so hard to know what the GQ is since everyone is different and you have to use different approaches. In Zoey's(recent convert that was found while GQing) case, the question was "have you met with the missionaries before?" As simple as it sounds, it is hard to find the ones that are ready to receive the gospel and ask the Golden Question. We are teaching her about the commandments now and I can tell that she is a willing person. She asked heaps of questions and is willing to live the commandments. My prayer was also answered. While GQing, my companions made a goal to contact 35 people and have 2 potentials. We had 1 potential and had one more to go with 15 more minutes. I said a simple prayer asking Heavenly Father to gives us one more potential. Then I just walked up to a person and shared the restoration after getting to know her a little. I imagine it was a little awkward for her, but I guess it is pretty rare to have someone actually stop to talk to you. Then Elder Li comes up and just says a closing prayer haha. He's a great missionary!

Today's my second day in Australia and I got to go to the temple! I was more lucky than most missionaries because they usually wait a transfer before they go. I guess I'm just that special haha. I have two new companions: Elder Li and Elder Keliiliki. Elder Li is from Taiwan and has been here for 4 months and Elder Keliiliki is from Arkansas. I found out that Keliiliki knows the Vissors and Bayles'! It sure is a small world! 

IMG 1: Elder Smoot and I at the airport
#2 My companions and Mission President and his wife.
#3 Companions after a session at the Brisbane Temple

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