Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 40

Hello all!
It's been a great week with my new companion. Even though we can hardly understand each other, we get along just great. He reminds me of Afui a little. Just speaks a different language. 
We did a lot of visiting Less actives and members. We have been GQing and door knocking on those hours that are slower and visit members when most people are home. We are slowly building up our ward and getting them to do missionary work and following up. Following up is vital, it shows your love and reminds the members to keep doing missionary work.
We had two return missionaries give talks this Sunday. One went to Perth(Western Australia) and one went to Portugal. Both of them opened my eyes to the difference between knowing the Savior and knowing about the Savior. Any one can do the latter, but not everyone is willing to actually know Him by applying His Atonement in their daily life(John 17:3). I can see that here in Australia and everywhere else. People use the Bible to prove others wrong and argue doctrine, but they are missing the point. We come to know Him as we exercise faith in Him, repent, being baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and try our best in being like Him. Just like the Pharisees in the Bible, many people just don't get the point of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
We come to know and love Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven as we experience the cleansing effect of the Atonement. That is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about.
Love Elder Westbrook

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